"Do all that you have in mind,” his armorbearer said, “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul."

1 Samuel 14:7






1. To help to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive for Apostle Jones to receive from God.

2. To assist in any way necessary to cause his “God Given Vision” to come to pass.

3. To intercede for Apostle Jones and his family.





An assistant must be able to anticipate the needs of his leader. His job is to discover exactly what his leader expects. As you tap into that anointing, you can effectively carry out the vision with godly strength and surety.


An assistant is anointed to serve in a spirit of excellence (such as Daniel in Daniel 6:3-4), to walk in a spirit of integrity (such as Job in Job 2:3), to display loyalty (such as Elisha to Elijah in 2 Kings 2:1-6) and to remain humble (as Elisha did after he received the double portion in 2 Kings 2:13-25).


An assistant should have a disciplined prayer life. He should be effective in intercession in order to pray for his leader in every situation.


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